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Doors CS 7.0


Ranked as 253 on our all-time top downloads list with 29830 downloads.
Ranked as 34 on our top downloads list for the past seven days with 194 downloads.
Ranked as 437 on our top rated list with a weighted average of 7.37.

Filename dcs7.zip
Title Doors CS 7.0
Description Doors CS 7.0 is the ultimate shell and GUI for your TI graphing calculator. Run any BASIC or ASM program or game, including MirageOS, Ion, Doors CS, and nostub programs. Organize your programs into nested folders, lock, rename, copy, archive, hide, and edit programs directly from Doors CS, or use the HomeRun feature to run any program from the TI-OS homescreen. Doors CS is built to be extremely user-friendly, using a mouse-based interface to appeal to users used to using computers who are frustrated by the infinite menus one must navigate on a TI calculator. On the opposite end of the user spectrum, it includes myriad keyboard shortcuts so that those who prefer to use a keyboard to a mouse can quickly and efficiently move through Doors CS. The Associated Program feature lets you click on any file, like game levels, documents, pictures, and songs, and have them automatically open with the correct viewer program. Doors CS 7.0 contains full libraries for xLIB, Celtic III, PicArc, Omnicalc, and the new DCSB Libs. Download Doors CS 7 today and experience the full power of your calculator!
Author Kerm Martian (admin@cemetech.net)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Flash Shells
File Size 1,614,285 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Aug 25 05:20:15 2010
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



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Review by  Michael An
Reviewed on 2010-08-25
I think that Doors CS is the best shell there is for the TI 83/84. If you are looking for a shell to download, get this!

Compatibility: 10/10

Doors CS supports many types of programs, including no-stub, MirageOS, and Ion programs.

Size: 10/10

Doors CS contains many libraries and features so that if the libraries were downloaded separately, they would total a much bigger size.

User-friendliness: 8/10

The mouse appeals to some people, but there are shortcut keys. You won't be able to avoid using the mouse if you want to change options in the options menu, though.

Features: 9/10

Doors CS has many features, like running from the homescreen, automatic APD, and archiving/hiding/locking programs. It also has some contrast options. Doors CS does lack features like password protection and the ability to block the memory menu, but the features that it has makes up for those.

Originality: 10/10

This is the first application that I have seen with a mouse interface, and the first that I have seen that includes libraries.

Overall: 47/50

A must download for anyone needing a shell for the TI-83 or TI-84!

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Archive Contents
Name Size
DCS7_Manual.pdf   639468
dcs_sdk.zip   995515
DoorsCS7.8xk   117813
readme.txt   3637
TI-83/Professional/adcs_pro.83p   4649
TI-83/Professional/ZLOAD.83P   507
TI-83/Standard/adcs_standard.83p   4024
TI-83/Standard/ZLOAD.83P   507
TI-83/VERY_Important_Readme.txt   243


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