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Filename mario.zip
Title Mario
Description This is an amazingly fun and completely original Mario game for the ti-83/84 Plus family! Game play is fast and fun. There are 8 maps that are all easily created and edited by the user. A few in-game features include Blocks, Springs, and Spikes. The point of the game is to maneuver Mario around the map, avoid obstacles, and reach the end. Certain variables will need to be created or un-archived in order to run this version of Mario. Take a look at the Super Mario ReadMe for more important information.
Author Rhett Langseth (rhettlangseth@hotmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Arcade)
File Size 5,471 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Feb 28 03:52:16 2010
Documentation Included? Yes



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Review by  Kerm Martian
Reviewed on 2010-02-18
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I gave this game a try after admittedly having serious misgivings, and I'm disappointed to say I was correct in my hesitation. The screenshots are very misleading; the game is slower than molasses on a TI-84+SE, and while the gameplay mechanics are certainly solid enough, it's not an original idea or a particularly good implementation. Other than the painful slowness, my biggest complaint is that every time you die (which you will often, because the controls feel sluggish and awkward), you have to press ENTER to the "You Lose" message, wait for the main menu to render (slowly), scroll down to the map you were playing, press ENTER, and wait for the level to slowly render. A much better solution would have been to return the player to the starting position in the map without leaving it, erasing and redrawing it, or going anywhere near the main menu.

Anyway, on to the quantitative metrics:

Gameplay: 5/10 You move left and right, and you jump. Much to my confusion, jumping causes the dot that is your character to both jump and move sideways, which killed me several times. I eventually gave up.

Graphics: 6/10 The main menu is nice, the levels are functional enough, nothing amazing.

Speed: 3/10 Painful.

Replayability & Originality: 2/10 Once you beat one of the eight maps, there's nothing particularly fun about returning to it at any point. If you have the patience to play through all eight, I can't imagine anyone not promptly deleting this program to free up the 6KB of RAM and 4 Pic variables it occupies.

Overall: 16/40

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Archive Contents
Name Size
MARIO.8xp   2694
Pic1.8xi   832
Pic2.8xi   832
Pic3.8xi   832
Pic4.8xi   832
MARIO.8xl   220
Pic5.8xi   832
Pic6.8xi   832
Pic7.8xi   832
Pic8.8xi   832
Super Mario ReadMe.txt   1694


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