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Contra 83


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Filename contra83.zip
Title Contra 83
Description Contra 83 is one of the biggest achievements in pure BASIC. It is a remake of the classic NES game Contra, and is the most advanced BASIC platform game to date. The game has so many features including: 6 creative levels, 3 enemy types, weapon upgrades, 3 difficulty settings, a top 9 high score system (with antihack protection), advanced scoring, a boss at the end of each level that grows in size and strength, very fast game play, advanced terrain including landmines and water, and of course saving/loading (The game will also include a level editor once it is finished). Contra 83 is the true meaning of BASIC. It does not use 1 ASM utility and uses no outside engines or code, just strictly good old home fashioned BASIC. The game proves that BASIC has its power and that a game does not need ASM to be advanced. The game uses one of the most advanced engines ever using complex numbers and equations to generate real looking terrain, and an AI program that will not slow even if 1000 enemies were on a screen. Contra 83 is definitely worth the download. Check it out for yourself, and you will see what all the hype is about. Made by Bryan Thomas. Only from Outer Limit Software (http://www.olsoft.tk). Consult the attached readme for all you questions. Thanks goes out to everyone that helped with this project.
Author Bryan Thomas (olsoft83@hotmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Arcade/Platform)
File Size 17,757 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jan 15 04:17:19 2005
Documentation Included? Yes



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Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2005-01-24
I have waited for many months for the latest “Contra 83” release, and I found it to be one of the best BASIC games out here.

-Graphics: 8/10: Graphics in “Contra 83” are very good for BASIC, considering the fact the game doesn't use any ASM utilities and they load pretty fast.

-Gameplay: 9/10: While the artificial intelligence may be poor in “Contra 83” (enemies won't move at all) and there are some noticeable slowdowns, it has a reasonable difficulty level and many features. Also, a boss guards each level, and you must develop some tactics to defeat him.

-Controls: 9/10: The controls are well chosen and you don't have to go to the readme to figure out how to jump, shoot, etc.

-Replay Value: 10/10: This is a very addicting game. Be warned! If you download this, you will probably not be able to stop playing :).

-Overall: 9/10: A must download! But remember that Contra 83 might act as a drug :)

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Contra Read Me.txt   9402
Contra83.8xg   11048
CINSTALL.8xp   7428
CINSTAL2.8xp   10188


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