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Doors CS 7 SDK


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Filename dcs_sdk.zip
Title Doors CS 7 SDK
Description Doors CS 7.0 is the ultimate shell for TI-83+/SE and TI-84+/SE graphing calculators. It can run every type of program available for those calculators, plus offers innovative features like a full GUI system and Associated Programs. The SDK will help you make your own BASIC or ASM programs for Doors CS. Besides an exhaustive, 124-page summary of all the features and routines that Doors CS 7 offers to BASIC and ASM programmers, this SDK contains a full toolchain to compile and build z80 ASM source code into .8xp files, all the necessary tools and include files, and additional programs to simplify writing headers for BASIC programs. If you are interested in developing for Doors CS or even learning about what it offers to programmers, this SDK is a must-have.
Author Kerm Martian (admin@cemetech.net)
Category Misc. Informational Files
File Size 960,017 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Aug 24 23:36:38 2010



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Archive Contents
Name Size
asm/compile.bat   818
asm/compile.sh   1159
asm/source/docde7.asm   8473
asm/source/mt3.asm   15196
asm/tasm/binpac8x.py   8590
asm/tasm/Brass.exe   196608
asm/tasm/dcs6.inc   13761
asm/tasm/dcs6brass.inc   16006
asm/tasm/dcs7.inc   9453
asm/tasm/dcs7brass.inc   16006
asm/tasm/ion.inc   10115
asm/tasm/keyval.inc   1377
asm/tasm/mt3notes.inc   2584
asm/tasm/notes.inc   2594
asm/tasm/Tasm.exe   76580
asm/tasm/Tasm80.tab   15032
asm/tasm/ti83plus.inc   125725
basic/DCSHEAD.8xp   1210
basic/DCSICON.83p   848
basic/HeaderCreator.html   7453
basic/logo.png   48937
DCS7_SDK.pdf   942671


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