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Ion v1.6


Ranked as 26 on our all-time top downloads list with 129262 downloads.
Ranked as 3 on our top downloads list for the past seven days with 1010 downloads.
Ranked as 484 on our top rated list with a weighted average of 6.97.

Filename ion.zip
Title Ion v1.6
Description Ion is an assembly language shell for both the TI-83 and the TI-83 Plus.
Author Joe Wingbermuehle (joewing@calc.org)
Category TI-83 Assembly Shells
File Size 19,719 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Jun 18 17:06:37 2000
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



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Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-08-31
Overall Rating-10/10 Outstanding
Interface-10/10 Outstanding
Installation-9/10 Superb
Speed-10/10 Outstanding
"Ion" is an outstanding shell to say the least. This shell works extremely well. In fact, I have been using this shell for three years, and I have never found an error. The interface is very easy to use (all it consists of is a simple menu by which you can select your programs to run, see the screen shots for details). In the case of a shell, simplicity is the key, and "Ion" captures this necessary simplicity. "Ion,” being one of the oldest shells, has been around for almost as long as the 83 calculators themselves. Therefore, "Ion" is one of the most tested and full proof shells out there. The installation of this shell is very simple as well. All you do is run one of the packaged programs and it is automatically installed as a program called "a", which is what starts up the graphical interface. This is certainly a must download, and there are hundreds of "Ion" programs out there to prove it. Have Fun and Happy Downloading!

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Archive Contents
Name Size
ion.8xg   1792
ion.83g   1695
ion.txt   9118
ion.inc   10079
asm.bat   672
zminfo.z80   900
ion.z80   4417
ionz.z80   1147
ionm.z80   15123
ionf.z80   6367


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