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TIGCC v0.95


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Filename tigcc.zip
Title TIGCC v0.95
Description TIGCC is an SDK for C and ASM development for the TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200. It is a complete product with a compiler, assembler, linker, a very rich set of functions, and an IDE. TIGCC is based on the GNU C Compiler, and is the result of a long period of international teamwork. It makes it very easy to program for calculators in something other than BASIC, even for unexperienced programmers. The library is very well documented, which makes using the functions an easy task. TIGCC can be used to write programs that require a kernel (and can therefore use libraries) as well as programs that don't. Get it now so you can write programs as easily as in BASIC, but with ASM speed!
Authors Jean Canazzi (bloozed@multimania.com)
Sebastian Reichelt (Sebastian@tigcc.ticalc.org)
Xavier Vassor (xvassor@mail.dotcom.fr)
Zeljko Juric (zjuric@utic.net.ba)
Category Windows Assembly Utilities
File Size 4,394,462 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Oct 27 18:43:00 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No


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Review by  Donovan Smith
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Suitability: 10/10 An excellent programmer's tool.
Ease-Of-Use: 9/10 Relatively easy to use.
Overall: 10/10 A must for any 68K calc programmer.

It seems a lot has changed since I first started using TI-GCC. I started using TI-GCC at version 0.6, and that was when it had TI-GCC Lib 1.1 and was only operable from the command line. A lot has changed since then. When I downloaded version 0.7 of TI-GCC I first noticed that it was a bit larger than before. The installation of TI-GCC is easier than before thanks to the improved install utility.

When it came time to run TI-GCC, the biggest surprise hit me: it has an IDE! This already excellent compiler has a very nice Integrated Development Environment. It has syntax highlighting, project management, a built in library reference, and much more. It is a simply superb addition to the TI-GCC compiler and library. I never would have been able to imagine that calculator programming tools would get this easy and convenient to use, but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that they have. Other changes to TI-GCC 0.7 include the newest version of the excellent TI-GCC library, now at version 2.1, and bug fixes and a changed directory structure.

Overall this compiler works very well and produces very efficient code. C is also a lot easier and less tedious to program in than assembly language, which one of the main reasons it is so nice to have a compiler like this available. Another nice thing about TI-GCC, since it is based on the GCC compiler, the GCC compiler extensions are supported. Overall, this tool is a must for any TI-89/TI-92 programmer who wants to be able to program his or her calculator in C.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
Readme.txt   9557
License.txt   18341
Setup.exe   4493312


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