AsmSuite (formerly, PH1)
    Authors: Myself(aksnowman aka papersnowman), Jon (aka Jon|), Halifax

    Authors: Myself
    Description: compress assembly programs into self-extracting compressed programs
                 that run just like they would if they weren't compressed. I.E. an MOS
                 program will still be run from MOS, DCS will still be run as a regular
                 DCS program, and a nostub will still be run as a nostub.

    Compress any nostub, ion, mos, or dcs program and insert decompression code to make it self-extracting
    Will error out if compressed program would be >= size of original

    prgmCOMPRESS will change the target program from this:
        (header)(uncompressed code)
    to this:
        (header)(jp decompression code)(compressed code)(decompression code)(clean-up code)

    When self extracting program is run, this is the order of events:
        When execution is passed to the target program (whether from shell or TIOS)
        the jp will redirect execution to the decompression code which turns this:
            (header)(jp decompression code)(compressed code)(decompression code)(clean-up code)
            (header)(uncompressed code)(compressed code)(decompression code)(clean-up code)
        The appvar "COMPRESS" will be read to check for any SMC in the program
        the new address for (clean-up code) is pushed so it will be called after the target program finishes
        After the target program finishes, the cleanup code will be executed which will do the following:
        byte by byte, it will decompress (compressed code) and compare against (uncompressed code)
        any bytes that are different will be saved to an appvar called "COMPRESS"
        the (uncompressed code) chunk will be removed and we will be left with the original:
            (header)(compressed code)(decompression code)(clean-up code)

        No idea yet, might be possible


Monowidth text editor?

small-font editor for TI-Basic?